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Framework Agreement Cabinet Office

Read the client`s management documents before using the framework. Then use the new digital filtering tool to find the right providers that meet your needs. CiC was selected as one of the suppliers of the framework agreement for the provision of the firm`s Intergovernmental Personnel Assistance Program (EAP). Access channels that the public uses to interact with government services, including telephony, email, web and back office. Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 is live. This is the latest framework agreement for digital results and specialists. Send requests for one of the data to This framework agreement exists between the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and a digital service provider and specialists 3. This framework provides business advisory services to central state and armaments agencies, non-departmental public bodies and the broader public sector. It has increased the number of suppliers from previous executives and includes smaller suppliers. With the new digital filtering tool, you`ll find suitable suppliers from the batches on this agreement. Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 is a framework agreement between the government and the suppliers that provide: this agreement was awarded as part of a public procurement service, which was decided by four different suppliers.

The standard procurement process in this framework is ensured by increased competition, unless customers meet the criteria for direct allocation. For more details on the appeal process, please see Schedule 5 of the Framework Agreement. The tool allows you to filter by specialization and region. The general questions about making the firm`s office available are: This brochure provides an overview of the management consulting portfolio within the CSC. Contractual possibilities are published on the end-user`s website. Some clients, including the central government departments and the NHS, must be approved before purchasing a board. Check your internal policies and control processes. The data is also published on the EPCS card (electronic purchase card solution) for all expenses of $500 or more.