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How Can I Get Police Verification Online For Rent Agreement

The main advantage of this procedure is its free. Now, citizens do not have to pay the police verification fee to local officers. UP is one of the places in India where domestic crime is plentiful. To help citizens fight fraud and crime, the UP Police Citizen Services App/Website offers tenant/employee/national assistance verification with downloadable forms. The Noida Police website also offers this service. In other less extreme but boring scenarios, landlords regularly encounter a number of problematic tenants; the peevish, the irresponsible guy who never pays the rent on time, the aggressive, who sets inappropriate requirements for amenities and special provisions, or the noisy out-of-control alcoholic, who enters the hours of all the chances he receives. If you want to rent your property to a tenant, but worry about its safety, we have a solution to ensure tranquility. has partnered with experts to help homeowners implement the online police setting up with minimal problems. Check out the various Tenant Verification online packs now on Housing Edge.

Not that as an owner, you should be too scared, or so careful that you completely stop renting and giving up a considerable source of income! This is far from the case. What you can do is hope for the best and at the same time follow the worst. Perform your due diligence by conducting the tenants` policy check, a simple and precautionary measure that is in fact required by law. I would like to rent, and I found them held online. Can you help me with verification, rental contracts, rent insurance and additional assistance in evacuating the house if necessary, etc.? Uttar Pradesh police launched the UP Police Citizen Service in 2016, an application for checking tenants and housekeepers. This two-megabyte app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. As soon as you apply, the police will do a background review of your tenant at the police station concerned and contact you. In addition, you can also register on the official police website to request a police check of your tenants. The city`s Know Your Tenant initiative led homeowners to obtain police verification through their Hawk Eye app after the discovery of search results for criminal activity, terrorist activity and child labour-related incidents.

Audit requests are also posted online. The owner can submit verification details online after mobile registration. A tax of Rs 500 is levied. If you live a- or abroad, the police check of tenants is a necessary measure to ensure the security problems you may have, because you do not have eyes and ears on the ground. On the website of most police stations, you can download the form. In the capital, Delhi, for example, you must download and complete this application form for the tenant review. To complete the online customer verification form in Pune, click here. There are two ways to check your customers` registration information.