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Memorandum Of Agreement Usmc

If you would like to continue with this FOIA request, please send a corrected FOIA application to FOIA/PA Phone: (703) 614-4008 DSN: 224Direct line: (571) 25 6-6-68636Fax: (703) 614-6287FOIA E-mail: as for your request for “All current Inter-Institutional Statements of Intent (MOU) or Agreements (MOA) between your agency and any other agency or department”; Is too wide and too vague what you ask. Any unit and/or command may have moUs or MOA, but we don`t just have an office capable of collecting or producing this type of information. There are hundreds of sites that could actually have several offices that might have different agreements, but as so far, there is not a single office that has this type of data that you do not want to mention that you have the ability to determine how many other agencies or departments that might be in agreement or not. In addition, your application is “open,” which is not possible to determine the time you are actually looking for. I have assigned your FOIA request below. Please attach our answer to this question. Thanks to your request is still too vague – there are hundreds of offices and departments by the USMC that may have MOUS or MOA with other agencies. Also, I don`t understand what you mean by “your agency keeps a list.” I am not aware of an office within the USMC that has a list of all MOA and MOA for the entire USMC. Any current inter-institutional letter of intent (MOU) or agreement (MOA) between your agency and any other agency or department. I also ask for a list of all declarations of intent (Memorandum of Understanding, MOU) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) between your agency and any other agency or department.

I`m not asking you to make an offer, but I understand that your agency keeps a list . . . FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – PRIVACY SENSITIVE: ANY MISUSE OR UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE MAY RESULT IN CIVIL AND/OR CRIMINAL PENALTIES. Privacy Note: This e-mail message, including all appendices, is intended for the exclusive use of the intended recipient or recipients and may contain confidential and/or privileged information. Unauthorized inspection, use, disclosure or disclosure is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by email and destroy all copies of the original message. Please note that I do not request other agencies, I request U.S.

Marine registrations, where this registration is an ACCORD or A MOA between the U.S. Marines and any of the listed agencies, and that MOU or MOA is kept by the U.S. Marines. Give more than one specific and detailed request that can be properly searched and processed – before the government shutdown and the restrictions that were set in our office – your request was not correct. If an application is not correct and remains vague, the case can be closed administratively. MuckRock users can record, duplicate, track and share public records like these. More information. 20131213 – ARSF TO REQUEST (FINAL ADMIN CLOSE) 2013F041042 . This is a courtesy response – we currently do not have the right to work on public affairs of foia.

We can only work on ACTIVE DUTY questions and requests and provide our military with instructions on FOIA and PA. Your case will be dealt with if we have the right to work on public applications. . In addition, you have requested that you waive the fees.