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Termination Of Lease Agreement Cpa

The common law is relevant because it is the “default position” that “occurs” when the parties refrain from reaching agreement on certain lease conditions. In fact, it happens quite often. For example, parties may forget to agree on the number of written termination days required for a tenant to issue an infringement before a lessor can terminate its contract, or how many days/months of termination must be cancelled if one of the parties wishes to terminate the lease before its natural end. The landlord and tenant must be aware of their responsibilities when a tenancy agreement is terminated prematurely. If you would like more information about the early termination of commercial leases or if you feel your landlord is acting unfairly, please contact our real estate lawyers in Johannesburg and Cape Town. What should a tenant do if they think their landlord is trying to cash in a lease notice? If the tenant terminates the tenancy agreement before the lease expires, the lessor is entitled to a “reasonable termination penalty” as directed by Regulation 5 of the Consumer Protection Act. Some landlords simply claim from the tenant the full amount that would otherwise have been due under the tenancy agreement if it had had its full term. Require the tenant to pay rent for the remainder of the lease Since there are so many laws applicable to leases in each given situation, it is often difficult to determine the number of days to indicate for injury and notice periods. The common law will always be subject to any legislation adopted later to solve a particular problem. All legislation dealing with the problem in general is generally subject to legislation that will be adopted later to deal specifically with the problem. To further disturb the situation, the Consumer Protection Act (which is not specific to leasing contracts) stipulates that if its provisions conflict with another law, the law that protects the consumer the most will apply.